With our years of knowledge and experience in the field of hot dip galvanizing, we have 2005BKS B.V. We build new plants, renovate or expand your existing ones
Installation is possible. Of course we strive for quality. In addition, our strength lies in our flexibility
Preparation of our employees and our 24 hour accessibility.

Customized maintenance

Our main job is to make sure the different machines and installations in your company
Organization in good condition and stay. For example, you should think of galvanizing furnaces
Dryers and (in) direct heating systems. If possible, we make sure they are better
work more efficiently. We recommend our customers to work at least once a year
check if desired in combination with the execution (preventive)
Maintenance of production machinery and equipment. It is possible to do this
Maintenance contract. We can send you an estimate without obligation.

We offer very special knowledge in the field of heating systems.
So we can offer and train the right solution for every customer
realize. Good for you, because you can secure the return on your production
where possible even improve.

additional Information

Do you have any questions or problems with one of your installations? Would you like to renovate your facility or?
could renew Do not hesitate and contact us on 0485-31 69 32.
We are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.